When ethereum mining, it is essential to have graphics card that can enhance all your mining needs. AMD Radeon™ RX 580 is a new mid-range graphics card that has clock speeds at 1400-2150 and a hashrate of 26.8 million hashes per second. The RX 580 is a part of the Radeon™ RX series released earlier this year in April. This graphics card is compatible with Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit edition, Windows 10, 64-bit edition, Linux x86-64, and Ubuntu x86, 64-bit. All that is required to run the graphics card is a typical board power, desktop or laptop, and power supply of 500W is recommended. The RX 580 has a wide variety of outstanding qualities including features and performance.

The RX 580 is full of features that are a step up to older RX models at a reasonable pricing. The hashrate of the RX 580 is an incredible 26.8 MH/S, allowing you to process ethereum mining at incredible speed. The max computing unit for the RX 580 is 36 with a base frequency of up to 1257 MHz and a boost frequency up to 1340 MHz. The memory type in a RX 580 is a double data rate type five synchronous graphics random-access or GDDR5 for short. The max memory speed for the RX 580 is 4 GB or 8 GB, depending on what edition you purchase. The memory interface for this card is as high as 256 bit. This graphics card has a very effective data transfer speed that can process 8.00 Gigabits per second. The max memory bandwidth for the RX 580 is 256 gigabytes per second. The RX 580 supports a wide variety of technologies from AMD, Radeon™ and many more. Some more of the supported technologies include 4th Gen GCN Architecture, DirectX 12 Technology, Frame Rate Target Control, OpenCL 2.0 and OpenGL 4.5.

The performance rating of the RX 580 has been commended to be a great update to the RX graphic cards line. Most of the RX 580s have been snatched off shelves and online shopping websites due to their high-performance rate for ethereum mining. Most ethereum miners are enjoy the large cooler and extra fans that prevent the card from overheating. In a test of GPU, when the DAG size was EPOCH 140 the RX 580 held its own against the GTX 1060 series. The RX 580 has been described as easy to set up, perform very well compared to other graphic cards in its price range. Miners also comment that the graphics card is exact you what you pay for, a mid-range graphics card at a price that is profitable for ethereum mining.

Overall, the RX 580 is one of the best mid-range graphics card on the market. The graphics card processes at a reasonable hashrate for ethereum miners as well as running smoothly for video gamers displaying HD 1440p. The RX 580 is the perfect choice if you are looking to mine ethereum at a quality hashrate and a price that is reasonable.

Ethereum Hashrate

The optimized hashrate for the RX 580 is 30 mh/s.

Miner Software Optimal Configuration


globalcore 1150
globalmem 2100
globalfan 90