Looking for a reliable yet performing graphic card? AMD Radeon RX 570 video card is the best graphic card available till date. AMD has renewed its graphics card line and RX 570 is its replacement for RX 470 version. The card has been designed especially for giving a wonderful experience for gaming lovers. One gets to experience Full HD gaming with full enjoyment at high quality.

This new range of RX 570 is entirely based on the Polaris GPUs with some exciting improvements from RX 470. AMD has a strong belief in the manufacturing process adopted by the GlobalFoundries’s 14nm FinFET. However, this belief has generated good results in the shape of increased operating frequencies for the GPUs of RX 570.

However, when it comes to other specifications, they are same as the predecessors. RX 570 possesses 2304/2048 stream processors, 32/32 TMUs, 256 bit memory bus along with 8GB and 4GB GDDRS versions.

The AMD RX 570 gives you a smooth gaming experience with an end to the uneven gameplay and wrecked frames. Cherish the game with improved contrast as well as colors providing a rich gaming experience. This new version delivers better performance along with greater efficiency when it comes to comparison with its predecessors.

Making use of the Claymore Dual Miner for mining Ethereum along with a video memory at 6.6 GHZ, the hashrate we get is remarkable. The standard RX 570 includes a 1244 MHZ boost clock. The all new increased operating frequencies result in higher usage of power. This rising power usage and increased operating frequencies result in the addition of a second PCI-E power conductor.

This means that RX 570 comes with an additional power connector. This extra power connector may not pose a problem for game lovers, but in fact can be considered a gain for the enthusiasts due to better GPUs. However, risen power consumption may lead to some hassles of power supply for the GPU miners.

AMD RX 570 is a great card with increased memory bandwidth, risen compute performance and great texture fill rate. However, to enjoy these high speeds, The Radeon RX 570 comes with a 150-watt TDP when compared to the RX 470’s 120W.

The RX 570 series however uses a new power state which reduces the energy demands when you are idle or watching video. There are no reference versions of the Radeon RX 570 available; one can only get customized cards by AMD’s hardware partners.

The optimized hashrate for the RX 570 is 25 mh/s.

This page contains instructions for the optimal configuration settings for different miner software.